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We are excited to share stories of Canadians helping the vulnerable in Africa, either on volunteer trips to Uganda, or right here at home! This is where we will share those stories, as well as stories from the front line in Africa, and resources for the world changers who would like to be part of what Watoto is doing in Uganda.

Watoto is a holistic care program that was started as a response to the overwhelming number of orphaned and vulnerable children and women in Uganda. It is positioned to RESCUE an individual, RAISE each one as a leader in their chosen sphere of life so that they in turn will REBUILD their nation.


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Recent Posts


The Watoto Children’s Choir from Uganda will be arriving in Vancouver BC, Canada on January 12, 2014.  They will be spending several days in Victoria BC, prepping for their six month Canadian tour which begins on Vancouver Island. This year the choir consisting of twenty-two children and ten adults will travel as far as Quebec, performing in over 130 unique Canadian communities along the way.


Their Beautiful Africa  “A New Generation” concert will be performed at churches, schools, businesses, community centres and sports venues. Audiences will be thrilled at their multi-media concerts involving heartfelt singing; enthusiastic dance and riveting true-life stories. To see the choir perform in a community near you take a look at the tour schedule Click Here

Help Launch the Tour!

1) Help Welcome The Choir

The children in this year’s choir are travelling a long way from their Watoto villages in Uganda. You can help make their arrival warm and inviting by simply sending us a photo of yourself, friends, family or group welcoming the choir to Canada in a creative way.  Grab your camera, some costumes, props, or signage and have some fun. We’ll use your photos to put together a welcome album and also post them online to build awareness of their upcoming tour. Just send your photos with your name and photo description to; communications@watoto.ca


2) Help Outfit The Choir

Every year during the fall months the Watoto Canada office prepares to welcome the newest choir arriving from Uganda. This includes outfitting each of the children with enough clothing and toiletries to last for 6 months. We will be needing to purchase items like: jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, shoes, lotion, deodorant, lip balm, toothpaste, toothbrush & cover, mouthwash, tissues, underwear, pajamas, socks, belt, winter coat & gloves. To contribute towards the purchase of these items Click Here


Please call our toll free line at 1-866-992-8686 if you have any questions or would like to find out more specific details about any of the Watoto Programs.